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Blanket Manterol, Oceanis

The Oceanis blanket is a product of proven and recognized prestige, and after several years maintains its leadership in the market. The anti-bacteria principle, applied on the acrylic fiber of the product, helps to prevent the appearance of mites and the allergies they produce.

This treatment is based on the application on the fiber of a substance, Chitosan, which comes from the bottom of the oceans, so it is 100% natural. No other blanket can claim to be anti-bacterial, help prevent allergies and do so without using chemical additives.

Who is it for?

In general, the most demanding will find in Oceanis a product of the highest quality that will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

People with special sensitivity to skin friction, allergies, babies, … its freshness, softness and special properties make it the best option to wrap ours in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Goodbye to the discomfort and irritation when enjoying a blanket.

Properties that differentiate it from the rest of blankets:

Design: Due to the use of microfiber, it allows a high level of definition in its prints

Smoothness. Its touch is extremely soft and velvety. If you try it, you will get hooked.

Durability: Supports more than 100 washes without losing its anti-bacterial properties.

Ecological: As it does not contain any chemical additive, it does not harm the environment.

Composition: 85% Acrylic / 15% Polyester

Weight: 550gr / m2

Made in Spain

Size: 240 x 240 cm

Color / Pattern



240×240, 260×240

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