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the “VISCOLATTICE” pillow is ideal for 3 different positions. It has a low side, a high side, and a central zone with ashlar surface texture to ensure a pleasant massaging effect. the back side has a traditional shape. It is an ecofriendly pillow since it is produced with raw materials of vegetable origin. Weight: 1550 grams

  • Pillow Cover:

Composition: 100% polyester

Manufacturing: technical jersey fabric, it gathers moisture and transfers it to “VISCOLATTICE”  which absorbs it, thereby keeping the face dry.

Standard Size: 48×78 cm

Closure: zip, the cover can be easily removed and washed, thanks to a handy and long zip

  • Fill:

Composition: 100% viscoelastic product made in Italy under “VISCOLATTICE”  trademark

Size: 73×43 cm

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