At White City Linens, we strive to ensure that you remain satisfied with your purchase while also providing an option for returning items for your convenience. Returned products must be in perfect sealed condition, unused, and unwashed and returned within 15 days of delivery or purchase. The customer must also provide the official receipt as proof of purchase for the item to be accepted. Once the product is verified to be a White City Linens article, the customer will receive a refund or will be provided with an alternative purchase option.

Which Items are Acceptable for Returns?

Items that are sealed in the original packaging, are unused and in perfect condition will be accepted for return.

Purchased items that do NOT conform to the standards above or are sealed for hygienic or health safety issues will not be accepted.

Return Procedure

Customers may provide prior notification of a purchase cancellation or intention to return via phone, email or post. The customer must then provide the original receipt, preferred telephone or email contacts and the date of purchase. The item may then be returned to our physical locations/ point of purchase, be verified and the client offered a refund or an alternative purchase option within 15 days.

If you return the items via post, ensure that the product is properly wrapped, secured and addressed to the nearest White City Linens location. The package is sent at client’s personal cost and must contain the relevant information described including the receipt, contacts and the date of purchase. Items lost in transit will not be considered as returned.

Legal Rights

You have the legal right to return items that do not match your purchase order and request a new delivery at no cost.

You have the right to return items within 15 days of the purchase or delivery. Once we receive and verify the products from you, we will refund the cost of the products within 15 days or provide a voucher/alternative product offer. However, any damage to the product before we receive it as a result of your handling means that you forfeit the entire refund and can either return the product or keep it.

Faulty Products

We aim to ensure that each product is perfect and flawless. In the event of delivery of faulty products, our customers are encouraged to return these products using our standard returns policy and will receive a refund. If you have any queries concerning the product and its status, you may contact us through our customer service amenity.

NOTE: There will be NO refunds without proof of purchase and an undamaged or unused product.